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Ella’s Kitchen meals won DLF Innovation Award 2012

DLF Innovation Award was created in 2007 to focus on product development and innovation among brand suppliers. Jensen & Co won the prestigious award with Ella’s Kitchen in 2012.

When Jensen & Co launched Ella’s Kitchen, we saw that there was a gap in the market for food developed primarily with children in mind, healthy food while being fun to eat. Ella’s Kitchen is developed by Ella’s father, Paul Lindley, who wanted healthier, organic products that looked fun and tasted good, for his daughter Ella. His idea was to get children to start early with good eating habits. This is a wish we believe he shares with many Norwegian parents. Ella’s Kitchen is a brand with personality that takes parents and children seriously and goes right to their heart.

Jensen & Co has by launching Ella’s Kitchen introduced products to the Norwegian market which has changed consumption patterns of the youngest children. The meals that we launched last year are easier to bring on a trip, and make it easy for children to start eating by them selves earlier, which is something that both children and parents appreciate. Ella’s Kitchen always starts by the youngest and their needs, and we believe that this is one of the reasons for the great success.

Ella’s Kitchen keeps consumers longer in the baby food shelf. With smoothies and parts of the four-month range, we provide good products for children up to preschool age. The products are perfect in a lunchbox or as a healthy snack. We reach out to a wider audience, which has contributed to growth within this category.

Jensen & Co works a lot with visibility in the grocery stores and we try to make an impact on parents through our marketing. We have focused on advertising and online contests where we know the parents are active, which we also have had good success with. We are proud to win this award!