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The Ryvita Company started baking shortbread in England in 1925 after Campbell Garratt got a recipe from a visit to Sweden.

Ryvita uses the whole rye grain and mills its own whole grain flour. The flour is mixed with water, a little salt and air. The technique means that you do not need yeast in the crispbreads from Ryvita, and it also means that the crispbreads have their own light and airy consistency.

Ryvita is the rye expert, and works closely with its 24 rye farmers to achieve good yields and sustainable operations.

In 2019, they opened a brand new bakery in Pool. Here, they have developed completely new packaging that means you avoid crumbs and mess in the kitchen drawer. Each package contains portion packs that make it easier to take crisp bread with you in your purse or lunchbox.

Ryvita has a wide range of tasty varieties.

If you choose Ryvita, you get tasty and healthy meals throughout the day. Easy to take with you!

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